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Managing the Business of life

Managing the Business of life

Managing the Business of lifeManaging the Business of life

Karen M. Ross



Family Law: Family law includes all aspects related to a family, including 

  • Divorce:  ranging from amicable, no-conflict divorces and joint agreements to high conflict divorces.  Experienced with all assets and financial wealth. 
  • Division of assets after the divorce, including the preparation of the qualified domestic relations order (QDROs) dividing the pensions and retirement savings plans.
  • Custody/child support/parenting time disputes post divorce. 
  • Personal Protection Orders.
  • Guardianship and conservatorship over a minor child or an adult who is incapacitated.

Prenuptial Agreements:  Necessary for both parties when entering a second marriage to protect assets for biological children and to define inheritance rights.

Estate Planning:  

  • Includes all aspects of an estate plan, including a Will and a Trust (if applicable), Durable Powers of Attorney for Finances and Health Care (also known as a Living Trust), Special Needs Trust for a disabled family member, full discussion and assistance with completing beneficiary designations on financial accounts, and funding the trust.

Real Estate: Includes: 

  • "For Sale by Owner" real estate transactions.  The purchase agreement is the cornerstone to all property sales, and is necessary for the buyer to qualify for a mortgage.  
  • Land Contract sales and Land Contract Forfeitures.
  • Landlord Tenant issues: usually representing the Landlord and includes rental contracts, security deposit issues, evictions, damage lawsuits.

Small Business:  

  • All small business start-ups, including Operating Agreements, Articles of Incorporation, obtaining the EIN, and necessary contracts and waivers to get the business going.
  • Construction Contracts.
  • Litigation of breach of contract claims. I represent my client, who can be the person who is being sued or who needs to sue.




I am the managing partner of Ross Legal Group, P.C. for over 21 years and a lawyer for 30 years. My primary expertise started in Family Law.  But after the divorce, our clients had other legal needs, so Ross Legal Group, P.C. branched out to meet all our client's needs.  Practicing law for  30 years allows me to have in-depth knowledge of many legal areas. 

Ross Legal Group, P.C., located in Waterford Township, is devoted to helping families manage their business in life. This business includes their divorce, continued child support and custody matters, preparing and entering the orders to divide the pension and retirement savings plans (QDROs) and implementation of divorce Judgments.  

After the divorce, client's get remarried, and need a prenuptial agreement.  I prepare their prenuptial agreements in a manner that  supports a marriage.

Besides remarriage, my client's have additional business of life needs that arise after their divorce, such as selling the house, estate planning and will drafting, and starting the client's business.   I have extensive experience in all these areas, including special needs trust,  land contract sales and forfeitures, "for sale by owner" real estate  sale contracts and closing documents,  landlord/tenant matters including evictions and residential rental contracts, and business start-up documents.

To round out my experience, I represent small residential builders and small business owners on contract development and enforcement.

Many of our clients are from Lake Orion, Clarkston, and Davisburg.  Being only miles from the Oakland County Court house makes sense to hire Ross Legal Group, P.C.  


1986–Graduated from Mercy College of Detroit: Bachelors Degree of Science in Nursing (became a registered nurse) Bachelors Degree of Psychology

1989–Graduated from University of Detroit Law School with a law degree.

2009 – Certificate of Completion in Probate and Estate Planning by the Institute of Continuing Legal Education, the education  provider of the State Bar of Michigan.