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Managing the Business of life

Managing the Business of life

Managing the Business of lifeManaging the Business of life

Michelle J. Doherty and Karen M. Ross

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This is a worrying time in our history.  A concern many of you have is  not having a will, not having a living trust, (also known as a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care)  or having an outdated estate plan.  Who will make your health care decisions if you are unable to?   Who will be allowed to speak with the physicians, or hospital staff if you are hospitalized?  What will happen to your property should you die?  

To meet this concern, we are preparing Powers of Attorney for Health Care, Powers of Attorney for Finances, and simple Wills  at the cost of $150.00 per document.   This is not an up-charge; this a actually less of a price than we normally charge.  We will prepare one or all the documents for you--you decide.  

We will prepare the documents and keep you and us safe when doing so.  How?  We will consult with you over the phone.   You will email us your information or write your information and put it in the mail box next to our office door.  We will prepare draft documents and email them to you for review.   You will come to our office and stay in your car.  You will sign  the documents while still in your car, and we sign outside your car.  You even get a new pen out of the deal.  The turn around time  is 2 days.

Why are we offering this service:  many of your neighbors have been calling us wanting these documents completed.  They are scared, concerned, or nervous and have expressed great concern over not having these documents ready at this time.  

The attorneys at Ross Legal Group, P.C. have been serving our community for the last 21 years, and we will continue to serve you now.  Just call us.  Either Michelle J. Doherty or Karen M. Ross will answer the phone and begin the process.  Stay safe.

$100.00 Consultation Fee

We will take you through your legal process with grace and dignity.  Watch the video to see more about us.

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